Monday, June 4, 2018

Bitscreener Review

Bitscreener Review

How to keep track of your Cryptos

I have been using the highly acclaimed cryptocurrency tracker Bitscreener for many months and could not be happier with its performance. 

It not only tracks the percentage increases (and decreases) in real time of each of your crypto investments, it also has a host of other valuable features I couldn't find anywhere else. 

For each of the cryptocurrencies you hold you will find the following information readily available:
  • FIAT currency of your choice (makes more sense if it's a currency you're familiar with).
  • Ability to enter buy and sell activity for each coin
  • Overview
  • Past Performance
  • Description of coin
  • List of Exchanges where you can buy and sell
  • News relating to each coin 
  • Discussion links
  • A variety of charts for each coin (1-day / 1-week / 1-month / 3-month / YTD / 1-yr / All time)
You can also set up a watchlist on Bitscreener, set up alerts for price movements, follow the news for each coin, and many more features.

It is literally a historial record of every Cryptocurrency you buy and sell. All you have to do is remember to enter the details of your purchases and trades.

I personally use Bitscreener several times a day to monitor the market (and my investments). I have no hesitation in giving Bitscreener a 5-star review!

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