Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dorado Review

Dorado Delivers

Dorado delivers, in more ways than one. They are into delivery. You name it, Parcels, Pizza, Parts, you get the picture. They already have a working company that is showing great promise and have recently launched their ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Dorado has acheived a spectacular 6227% growth in the past 3 years. They are due to be listed on a cyrptocurrency exchange within 24 hours of publishing this article (see any updates below).

How is Dorado Doing Deliveries?

In a word:DRONES

Because drones have the internet and GPS available to them, they are evolving beyond their original uses to be  powerful business tools. They've already made the leap to the consumer retail market, and  now they're being put to use operating commercial and civil authorities applications from attending to surveylance of remote firefighting to farming. That's creating an enormous market opportunity that's just too big to ignore. Dorado will also be utilising uber style courier delivers.

What's the Opportunity?

Between now and 2020, it is predicted that there will be a $100 billion market opportunity for drones, which will be helped along by growing demand from both commercial and civil authorities and government sectors.

Originally drones started their lives as a cheaper and often more capable alternative to manned military aircraft and the defense department will likely remain the most significant market for the immediate future as global competition warms up and technology is constantly on improve.

Consumer demand for Drones

The retail consumer drone market was first formulated outside the military, and since it's inception the demand has flourished. In the previous two years sales of drones to enthusiasts has grown enormously and have become a familiar sight in the air, but there is still more than enough room for growth in the industry.

However the major growth opportunity comes from businesses and civil authorities. They're only just beginning to explore the vast possibilities. With an expected spend of $13 billion on drones between now and 2020, their will be many more of them in the skies carrying out various tasks such as gathering climate data, monitoring country borders and more. If we use our imagination, we can see that they are only just scratching the surface of their potential. This is why Dorado is such an exciting project.

Dorado is Ready to Grow

Within the next few years, we expect consumer demand will continue to build, not only for drones in general, but as an affordable concept and excellent option for deliveries. By 2020, we expect 7. 8 M  consumer drone shipments and $3. 3 billion in revenue, in comparison to only 400 M shipments and $700 million in earnings in 2014. So you can see drones and especially Dorado's delivery drones have enormous potential.

In conclusion

With all the evolution of regulations taking place at present, we come across drones headed for new heights in the business world and Dorado's business model makes perfect sense.

The very same efficiency and cost benefits that appeal to the military make drones attractive for business and as such have the potential for decreasing the costs of delivering goods by a substantial measure.  Dorado has been quick to cease on the potential and is a well established early player in the drone delivery market. With the headstart already achieved, I can only see a bright future ahead and rapid expansion for Dorado and their courier drone business model around the world.

I rate Dorado 4.8 out of 5.

Source: Goldman Sachs Research
Source: Goldman Sachs Research

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Dorado Review

Dorado Delivers Dorado delivers, in more ways than one. They are into delivery. You name it, Parcels, Pizza, Parts, you get the picture. T...